A SSEA Project

Welcome to the Animal Ethics from the Margins (AEfM) Project!

This project is an attempt to highlight the work of underrepresented voices in the animal ethics literature. We encourage animal scholars to read, recognize, share, teach, discuss, and cite the work of animal ethicists from the margins, as doing so is not only just, but it also promotes better research, learning, and teaching.

On this page you will find:

  • a bibliography of articles and books, with a special focus on early career researchers who are members of historically marginalized groups,
  • a list of seminal texts (or “classics”) about animals written by women,
  • videos (interviews, lectures, etc.) of animal scholars from the margins,
  • and a  news section, which will be updated daily to reflect recent accomplishments (e.g., new publications) of animal ethicists from the margins.

The [animal rights] movement has a penchant for celebrity-worship, which, in a patriarchal society, again, invariably benefits men. Women’s contributions tend to be devalued as too emotional or simply illegitimate.

Corey Lee Wrenn