Pre-Order Sarat Colling’s Forthcoming 2020 book on Animal Resistance

Sarat Colling, writer, activist, critical animal studies scholar, and program director for the Hornby Island Natural History Centre on Hornby Island, British Columbia, has written a book titled Animal Resistance in the Global Capitalist Era: The Animal Turn (Michigan State University Press). Her book will be published in December 2020, but you can pre-order a copy now.

Book Description: The concept of animal resistance is now reaching a wide audience across the social media landscape. Animal Resistance in the Global Capitalist Era offers an overview of how animals resist human orderings in the context of capitalism, domestication, and colonization. Exploring this understudied phenomenon, this book is attentive to both the standpoints of animal resisters and the ways they are represented in human society. Together, these lenses provide insight into how animals’ resistance disrupts the dominant paradigm of human exceptionalism and the distancing strategies of enterprises that exploit animals for profit. Animals have been relegated to the margins by human spatial and ideological orderings, but they are also the subjects of their own struggle, located at the center of their liberation movement. Well-researched and accessible, with over fifty images that aid in understanding both the experiences of and responses to animals who resist, Animal Resistance in the Global Capitalist Era is an important contribution to scholarship on animals and society. The text will appeal to a broad audience interested in the relationships between humans and the other animals with whom we share this planet.

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