Pre-Order New (2020) Book about Pragmatism & Ecofeminism by Erin McKenna: “Living with Animals: Rights, Responsibilities, and Respect”

Erin McKenna, professor of philosophy at University of Oregon, has a forthcoming book titled Living with Animals: Rights, Responsibilities, and Respect (Rowman & Littlefield). The book, which advances a pragmatist ecofeminist perspective, will be released in December 2020, but you can pre-order a copy today.

Book Description
Living with Animals 
brings a pragmatist ecofeminst perspective to discussions around animal rights, animal welfare, and animal ethics to move the conversation beyond simple use or non-use decisions. Erin McKenna uses a case study approach with select species to question how humans should live and interact with various animal beings through specific instances of such relationships. Addressing standard topics such as the use of animals for food, use for biomedical research, use in entertainment, use as companions, use as captive specimens in zoos, and use in hunting and ecotourism through a revolutionary pluralist and experimental approach, McKenna provides an uncommonly nuanced accounts for complex relationships and changing circumstances. Rather than seek absolute moral stands regarding human relationships with other animal beings, and rather than trying to end such relationships altogether, the books urges us to make existing relations better.

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