Upcoming antiracist e-course for the vegan food sector with Dr A. Breeze Harper: September 26th.

Dr. A Breeze Harper Vegan AntiRacism

On September 26th (1030am-130pm PDT), Dr. A. Breeze Harper will lead an antiracism leadership e-course for the plant based food sector. In this seminar, you will learn how to use antiracist approaches to strengthen your vegan oriented business/non-profit goals. Click here to register.

Dr. Harper will address these questions and more:

  • What is antiracism?
  • How do racial power dynamics affect plant-based food businesses and organizations?
  • How can antiracism positively impact vegan food marketing?
  • How can plant-based food businesses and organizations recruit and retain an inclusive employee base with racial equity in mind?
  • How can I start creating an antiracist and inclusive workplace?
  • How can I model antiracism and what if I mess up?

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