Animal Scholars from the Margins in Journal of Food Law & Policy

Several animal scholars from the margins are published in the most recent issue of Journal of Food Law & Policy. The current issue, which is dedicated to conversations about the dairy industry, includes the following open-access articles:

Dairy Tales: Global Portraits of Milk and Law

Jessica Eisen, Xiaoqian Hu, and Erum Sattar

Something to Celebrate?: Demoting Dairy in Canada’s National Food Guide
Maneesha Deckha

Milk and Law in the Anthropocene: Colonialism’s Dietary Interventions
Kelly Struthers Montford

“A Glass of Milk Strengthens a Nation.” Law Development, and China’s Dairy Tale
Xiaoqian Hu

Milk and the Motherland? Colonial Legacies of Taste and the Law in the Anglophone Caribbean
Merisa S. Thompson

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