Virtual Events with Scholars from the Margins!

Cheryl (C.E.) Abbate with horse

This week, November 16-21, there are a number of talks with animal ethicist from the margins. Check them out!

November 16th: SSEA Talk: The Concept of Death and the Ethics of Killing Animals (with Susana Monsó)

November 16th: Bitesize Animal Law series: Ecocide and Protection of Animal Habitats (with Debbie Legge)

November 16th: Animal Rights and Feminism: An Intersectional Approach (panel discussion)

November 18th: How Nonvegans and Vegans Can Bridge the Divide This Holiday Season (with Melanie Joy)

November 19th: Chimpanzees and Dolphins: From Research Subjects to Legal Persons (with Mary Lee Jensvold and Lori Marino)

November 19th: Queering Animal Liberation (with pattrice jones)

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