Dr. Angie Pepper Publishes Article on “Glass Panels and Peepholes: Nonhuman Animals and the Right to Privacy”

Dr. Angie Pepper, Lecturer in the School of Humanities at University of Roehampton, published an article titled “Glass Panels and Peepholes: Nonhuman Animals and the Right to Privacy” in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly.

Here is the abstract:

“In this paper, I defend the claim that many sentient nonhuman animals have a right to privacy. I begin by outlining the view that the human right to privacy protects our interest in shaping different kinds of relationships with one another by giving us control over how we present ourselves to others. I then draw on empirical research to show that nonhuman animals also have this interest, which grounds a right to privacy against us. I further argue that we can violate this right even when other animals are unaware that we are watching them.”

You can access the article here.

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