New book by Marian Stamp Dawkins on “What Animals Want”

A new book by Dr. Marian Stamp Dawkins, biologist and professor of ethology at the University of Oxford, titled The Science of Animal Welfare: Understanding What Animals Want will be released in March 2021. You can pre-order it on Amazon.

Here’s the book description: What is animal welfare? Why has it proved so difficult to find a definition that everyone can agree on? This concise and accessible guide is for anyone who is interested in animals and who has wondered how we can assess their welfare scientifically. It defines animal welfare as ‘health and animals having what they want’, a definition that can be easily understood by scientists and non-scientists alike, expresses in simple words what underlies many existing definitions, and shows what evidence we need to collect to improve animal welfare in practice. Above all, it puts the animal’s own point of view at the heart of an assessment of its welfare.

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