New work by Sue Donaldson

Sue Donaldson, independent researcher and research associate at Queen’s University, recently published a paper titled “Animal Agora” in Social Theory and Practice. Click here to listen to a Knowing Animals interview-podcast with Donaldson about this paper. Here’s the abstract:

Many theorists of the ‘political turn’ in animal rights theory emphasize the need for animals’ interests to be considered in political decision-making processes, but deny that this requires self-representation and participation by animals themselves. I argue that participation by domesticated animals in co-authoring our shared world is indeed required, and explore two ways to proceed: 1) by enabling animal voice within the existing geography of human-animal roles and relationships; and 2) by freeing animals into a revitalized public commons where citizens encounter one another in spontaneous, unpredictable encounters in spaces that they can re-shape together.

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