AEfM Bibliography

This bibliography highlights the work of early career researchers* who are members of historically marginalized groups. Here, we highlight the work of early career researchers, as they tend to be especially underrepresented in the animal ethics/studies literature. Click here for a list of writings on animals by more established scholars from the margins.

*On this page,'early career scholars' refers to Associate Professors and below (or the non-academic equivalent).

Abortion and Animal Rights

Animals in African Philosophy

Animals in Entertainment

Animal Labour

Animals and the Law

Animal Minds

Animal Morality

Animal Resistance

Colling, Sarat. 2020. Animal Resistance in the Global Capitalist Era: The Animal Turn. Michigan State University Press.

Animal Rights Activism

Animal Rights Theory

Animals in War

Animal Welfare

Companion Animal Ethics

Dignity and Animals

Disability and Animals

Eating Animals

Experimenting on Animals

Feminism and Animals

Killing Animals and the Value of Life

Moral Status of Animals

Pandemics and Animals

Political Theory and Animals

Race and Animals

Religion and Animals

Utilitarianism and Animals

Virtue Ethics and Animals

Vulnerability and Animals

“Wild” Animal Ethics & the Environment

Wittgensteinian Approaches

Click here for a list of non-English animal ethics texts, written by scholars from the margins.

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*The SSEA is grateful to Alyse Spiehler, Doctoral Candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for her help with the formatting of this bibliography and the several additions she made to the list. 

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