AEfM Classics

Below you will find a list of seminal texts (both books and articles) about animals written by scholars who are members of underrepresented groups.

*All academic works listed on this page are produced by full professors (or the non-academic equivalent). 

Classic Books about Animals by Women

Classic Articles & Book Chapters about Animals by Women

Abortion and Animal Ethics

Animal Dignity

Animal Emotions & Minds

Animals in Entertainment

Animals and the Law

Animals and Religion

Animal Welfare

Children and Animals

Companion Animal Ethics

Eating Animals and Veg*

Ethical Theory and Animals

Experimenting on Animals

Feminism and Animals

Hunting Animals

Political Theory and Animals

  • Donaldson, Susan. 2020. Animal Agora. Social Theory and Practice 46(4): 709-735

Race and Animals

Speciesism, Moral Status, and “Marginal” Cases

Vulnerability and Animals

Wild Animal Ethics

Further Reading & Resources

The Vegan Feminist Network, which is a vegan community that values a non-violent & intersectional approach to anti-oppression research and activism, is a fantastic resource for learning about vegan feminism and intersectionality. To learn more about the excellent and underappreciated work that’s been written about animals by marginalized scholars, we recommend the VFN’s:

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