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Videos of AEfM Scholars

Ecofeminism Now! Contains interviews with ecofeminist activist and scholars Carol Adams, Lourdes Arguelles, Deane Curtin, Josephine Donovan, Elizabeth Dodson Gray, Lori Gruen, Chaia Heller, Marti Kheel, Ynestra King, Winona LaDuke, Cathleen Maguire, Vandana Shiva, Karen Warren, and others.

Carol Adams on the “Sexual Politics of Meat”

Aysha Akhtar on “How Our Destinies with Animals are Shared”

Aysha Akhtar on “How Reliable and Predictive are Animal Experiments for Human Outcomes”

Lesli Bisgould on “It’s time to re-evaluate our relationship with animals”

Angela Davis on the Abuse of Animals and Capitalism

Maneesha Deckha on “Personhood”

Jane Goodall on “What Separates Us from Chimpanzees”

Lori Gruen on “Entangled Empathy”

Lori Gruen on the “Politics of Species”

Breeze Harper & Lauren Ornelas on “Animal Liberation, Tokenizing ‘Intersectionality’, and Resistance Ecology”

Breeze Harper on “Radical Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Animal Advocacy”

pattrice jones on “Queering Animal Liberation”

Melanie Joy on “Carnism and Veganism”

Melanie Joy on “Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat”

Melanie Joy on “Toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices”

Lisa Kemmerer on “Why Environmentalists Should Eat A Vegan Diet”

Lisa Kemmerer on “Sexism and Male Privilege Among Vegan Activists”

Marti Kheel on “Empathy, Awaring to the World View, and Actualizing Deep Change”

Marti Kheel on “Reclaiming our Kind Nature”

Barbara King on “Grief and Love in the Animal Kingdom”

Syl Ko on “On Black Veganism”

Lori Marino on alleviating whale and dolphin suffering

Lori Marino on “How Science Made Me an Animal Advocate”

Christopher Sebastian McJetters on “White Meat: How Did Animal Exploitation Become a Signifier for White National Identity and How Do We Fight It?”

Ingrid Newkirk on “I am an Animal”

Ingrid Newkirk on “Why Hamburgers Should be Illegal”

Martha Nussbaum on “Animal Rights and the Capabilities Approach: A Radical Alternative to Anthropocentrism”

Lauren Ornelas on “Commonalities of Oppression”

Clare Palmer on “Conservation Policy in a Changing Climate”

Jessica Pierce and Lori Gruen on “The Ethics of Exotic Animals in Captivity”

Jessica Pierce and Cheryl Abbate on “Last Moments: Death and our Animal Companions”

Jessica Pierce on “The Last Walk: Our Companion Animals at the End of Their Lives”

Simone Reyes on “Animal rights: birth of an activist”

Nik Taylor and Heather Fraser on “Cross-Species Alliances and Decolonization”

Corey Wrenn on Ecofeminism

Corey Wrenn on “The Gendered Nonhuman Experience”

Corey Wrenn on “Intersectionality”

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